Daily Archives: February 6, 2011

An end to a beginning, a beginning to an end!!

Heh…so the holiday’s ends today (and for the rest of the sem), today marks the end of this semester long holiday (and for us KMLians 1 week is considered as long enuff…meh). Students should be crawlin back to diz college and of coz this marks the start of final examination battle plan…only 75 days left in total (including weekends) with a total of 1201 hours of cumulative time to be used (after subtracting hours for recreational purpose, eating time, sleep, naps and also possible time wasting purposes) lets give all our best for this final PSPM examination..\(@-@)/ study mode activate…..!!! (or at least after today…meh..)

Good luck to all my friends and to those who’re close to me (family, nakama and also those dear to me(like I have one)), STAY FROSTY!! (mwahaha…and it’s winter too)

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