Daily Archives: February 3, 2011


Yo, it’s CNY holiday and i have tons of time to post something new….(or not, writers block…huhu..(^~^))

So I bought diz new speaker 4 my lapz….seems better than that guys speaker imported from Japan (mines made in China only haha) but the sound quality is way better than its price (meh…thats awesome 4 something below RM 100). Im Wowed by how loud it can be, not to mention it’s clarity…oooohhh, I love my Pisces speaker (Friends: Hey, don’t jerk of with the speaker moron!!)

Basically there’s nothing to do during the break (lecturer: Hey lazy ass, finish your tutorials!!) Im thinking of going to the beach but meh…what’s the point being there?? Im better off laying down on my bed doing nothing (seriously dude…that’s too lame).

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