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Holidays over???…..Meh…(T~T)

Sigh….the holidays sure finished early this year. I’m coming back to KML tommorow…after the holidays my group only have 3 days to prepare for the musical sketch audition….Im not complaining but the script sure is messed up…I wonder who wrote that..but please don’t take it seriously just coughing out the truth..(cough..cough.., someone got a breacol or Cap Ibu dan Anak??)

But It’s worth it I guess….Matriculation ends in April…which means I have to get back to my studies…but seriously, I hate Malaysian’s academics ya kno….Too much of exams…how can the student’s learn something for life if they just learn something to get good grades on exams…exam oriented…I hate it…when’s the govt gonna change its policy…?

Anyway, I *”rock~em” to ya (*recommend…trying to create new words..just for fun (^~^) )

Girugamesh, a J~Rock band…aside from the creepish visual kei like looks..their songz are pretty awesome and catchy…even the lyrics are meaningful…not like other songz from US nowadays which is all about garbage (hey, even Eminem sings about this problem ya kno). Less we forget that there are stupid boy who had just reached puberty which only sings trash outta his mouth, having sissy voice n only chases after girls (as heard in da news, ya kno who Im talkin bout rite??)


So…I don’t really have a life (juz kiddin) I played tons of MMO’s before I entered college…one of the best (and still played) wuz probably Shin Megami Tensei Online: Imagine

Extremely reckoned for pepl wif no life (mwahahaha)

Fuukatsu (Revival)

Haha, sounds just like Kuuga episode 1 eh?? I tried to create a new wordpress blog, just for fun I guess….(actually I have problem with my old blogspot account…hehe (x_x)! )

So basically the first post consist of introduction of what’s going to be posted in the blog…meh….im too lazy….so you guys just…figure it out yourself…that’s an enigma right( title accomplished)

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