Kanzen Fukkatsu : A complete revival…or not…

I thought you died alone, a long long time ago,

        Oh no, not me, I never lost control – David Bowie- The Man Who Sold The World


Top of the day to you fellow netizens. Its been a while since I’ve updated my blog (oh look, there’s some dust bunnies at the corner of the screen). Oh boy, where to start. Ah, yes, darkfent. So people have been asking me, what the hell does that mean. Well, according to Google ‘fent’ comes from a dialect in England, most probably derived from the word ‘vent’. So the word fent according to the internet means a slit or an opening in a garment. According to my definition, it is a simple case of entering my name in Breath Of Fire (SNES). Till this day, I never knew why I put that name in the first place. After using it for the second time in Chrono Trigger, the name kinda stuck inside of my head. Now for the ‘dark’ part…well, I was listening to a lot of emo J-Pop songs a few years ago. There, now you know the origin of that weird handle.

Drat, someone beats me to it!

                       Back to business. So I’ve been playing a lot of games on my phone lately, but the ones that I played the most are Final Fantasy Record Keeper and Dragon Quest Monster Super Light. I love both of them mainly due to nostalgic factors as well as the RPG elements (tell that to the person who had finished SMT IV 4 times within a week).

    DQMSL is kinda like your average pick up and play smartphone app. It focuses more on dungeon crawling and the art of ‘Ovalution’ (kinda sad they did not use the synthesis system) which is basically using a bunch of stock monsters to evolve your monster (basic free-to-play microtransaction game mechanics). FFRK on the other hand, added the nostalgia factors along with microtransaction into a sideview turn-based RPG with challenging difficulties, forcing you to strategize carefully to complete a dungeon…and now I’m stuck at the new dungeons due to their difficulties and lost of interest (seriously, why is it so hard to get those relics)…and lack of playtime during the play productions we’re having.


Look at that sexy Swingre

       All in all, I’ve been saving up some cash to buy the DX Ghost Driver…if only I have the motivation to do the real review (damn, editing video is a lot of hard work). Meh, we can do that later. MGSV is waiting for me…

“Confrontism”: A proposal

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this darn blog…was planning to include otaku reviews with gunpla or video games…but we’ll keep that for another time. As always, this would be some kind of rant or theories that I would propose to the readers (queue cricket sound effect). Anyway, this is something that I created out of nowhere a few months ago during philosophy class…so, yeah, I kinda procrastinate a bit so let’s get on with it.

There was I, still half awake at 10 in the morning, when the lecturer asked us to create our own philosophical theory and present our ideas to the whole class. As usual, I would happily finish mine within 10 minutes or so, and then let my other classmates present their own ideas. Yeah, I regretted that decision when the class is over. I was actually proposing for a new ideology, “Confrontism”. At first it was a bit like confronting with your own fears and self-doubt, but after 5 minutes writing the whole thing, something struck my mind; “Oh god, I forgot to implement the theory for curriculum structures” and somehow I started to digress from the original idea.

You see, I proposed that in school there would be a class where your main objective is to fail the class…wait, that doesn’t sound right. Let’s try this again, yeah, the only way you could pass this test is to fail, darn it, I’m repeating myself again. But that’s okay, I acknowledge that my post is kinda confusing and boring. Hey, wait a sec, that’s what I wanna tell you since the last few sentences. Okay, here’s the thing, during the class students would learn how to acknowledge that no matter how great you are as a person, you’re still human, you would still make mistakes every now and then. We asked students to confront their fear of failure, and acknowledge all their flaws…but wait, this is kinda different as you would teach them to stop victimizing themselves. As my lecturer once said, “if you fell down, ignore what people would think of you; get up, laugh at yourself and keep moving forward”. You can’t always be Mr.Right, but it also takes gut to admit that you’re Mr.Wrong. I hate this kind of people, and I admit it, I did the same thing in the past. In conversations or during arguments, I show the people who criticized me how disgraceful I can be, and things spiraled downwards after that. Hatred only brings more hatred. So I’ve taught myself since then, I won’t become the victim when someone imposed their extreme ideas or criticized me. I won’t straightly tell them to shut up or something. I would tell them that I respected their view and they have the rights to say whatever they wanted to me, and I respected their view.

Nevertheless, it’s kind of fun going to a class and the final exam would fail you, and the only way to pass is to acknowledge that you’ve failed and it’s okay, because there’s more to life than excelling in school. Heck, maybe the idea would become a reality, once our society stops arguing with one another and get over our differences. Yeah, someday…I long for the day that it would come, and I hope I would be there to observe it Y(^w^)Y

D.F.J, signing out- 2/2/2015 11:52PM UTC+8

University: Are students charity worker

Welcome everyone or senang citer, selamat datang le dalam bahasa Malaysia to the new nonsensical series of crap writings on this blog (who nobody ever reads by the way, meh). Nama pun dah mi rojak, of choice la bahasa tak on ‘par’ gitu ngan posting sebelum neh. So jangan marah yea, disclaimer dah bagi awal-awal lagi. Dan kepada sesiapa yang mungkin terasa senak or senang citer ‘butthurt’ baca posting ni, silalah minum milk of magnesia bagi lancar perjalanan excretion tu.


” Tiap universiti kau pergi mesti ada masalah. Kalau ada universiti baru bukak sebelah tu, yang tu pun automatic la jugak ada masalah”                                                                                                                                                                              

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     –Anon, 2013.


Only in this country, uni students not associated with alcohols

So semua pakat dok mai rapat-rapat kat achik ni, hari ni kita kupas bawang, eh silap, isu yang dinyatakan dalam title di atas.  Are students charity worker? Ambuih, hareyy tul admin ni dok tanya soklan pelik nih. Sonang cakap, admin ni tanya kat ngkorang semua, adakah pelajar kat universiti ini pekerja pertubuhan amal ke? Lebih kurang macam tu la. Awat pulak admin dok tanya benda tu? Sukati la, nak provoke otak tu skit (or maybe nak dapatkan jawapan kepada soalan yang merunsingkan hati admin). Okeh, first thing first, sesape yang dah masuk universiti (tak kisah la amik asasi ke, diploma ke, bachelor degree, phd, etc.) apa yang korang expect bila masuk universiti? Pembelajaran yang holistik, dipenuhi dengan tenaga pengajar mahir yang 70% bergelar professor dan semuanya pakar dalam bidang masing-masing? Kehidupan yang berkualiti dengan jadual pembelajaran yang dinamik, aktiviti kelas yang berkualiti dan menepati matlamat falsafah “meaningful learning”? Ataupun seperti kata-kata pujangga lecturer saya di zaman kolej, “time korang masuk universiti ni la yang paling best, dapat jalan sana-sini, timba pengalaman di bumi orang”? Bukan? Ke bak kata member saya dulu, “kita masuk universiti, kita la raja (applies to ipts only) kita bayar lecturer untuk ajar apa yang kita nak, takkan kita pulak jadi kuli ye tak?” (okeh yang ni aku betul-betul ‘reka’).


Tapi cuba bayangkan, kita dah lama hidup dekat universiti ni, dari satu institusi ke institusi yang lain (kira orang lama la) and then bila masuk satu uni ni, tetiba apa yang kita dengar dari member or dari pengalaman kita yang lepas, tetiba suasana jadi lain macam. Kira nak tanam pokok cabai, acane pulak tetiba pokok rambutan yang tumbuh, camtu la lebih kurang analoginya (jangan marah, aku zaman amik bio dulu memang suka pakai analogi pelik-pelik).  Masalah management tu boleh tahan lagi, tenaga pengajar kurang berkualitas, pass, infrastruktur kampus miskin, no hal; tapi apabila aktivitas luar kelas (kokurikulum lah) lebih dititikberatkan daripada classroom learning, sapa suka weh. Alkisahnya la dalam hidup aku, first time nampak budak-budak life science terkinja-kinja buat aktiviti yang dipaksa dan diorang tak suka, ajaib, coz macam member aku cakap sendiri, “budak-budak sains uni mana ntah yang suka bebeno buat program ngarut kat kampus, takde masa siot”. Aku sokong membe aku, coz sebagai bekas budak sains dulunya, yang paling tak minat buat aktiviti kat kampus adalah budak sains. Kitorang takde masa and lagi suka hadap LCD lebih dari tiga jam, semata-mata nak pahamkan nucleophilic substitution reaction. Kau nak kitorang habiskan chapter deviation from mendelian law dalam masa seminggu dengan kelas tutoran sejam dan kelas teori dua jam, at the same time, patutnya kau bagi explanation pasal gastropod shell, tapi kau suruh diorang gi kat luar, menari terkinja-kinja  sambil buat aerobik la kononya. That’s total BS man! Insanity! Lepas tu kau nak suruh buat kelas ganti? Apa ko ingat student semua IQ lebih 210 ke apa? Setakat dua ke tiga event besar kat kampus untuk menampakkan kemegahan universiti di mata dunia tu aku boleh terima. Flashmob? Menari terkinja-kinja? Tiap minggu bukak booth and pergi anjur event kat luar, pakai duit student? Something wrong la bro. (stay tune, tak sampai part yang best lagi ni)


Yang best sekali, bila lecturer yang gi join sekali event (kira buat OT la ni), tak dapat apa pun. Nothing, nil, nul, nihil, sifr. Habuk wang pun tarak. Okeh, aku agree, pegi rumah anak-anak yatim, membantu mereka yang kurang berkemampuan dalam hidup diorang, meringankan beban diorang, berkongsi citer  pahit manis hidup diorang, itu satu benda yang cukup mulia di mata aku. Tapi kot ye pun, berpada-pada lah. Satu minggu ada lima charity work dari beberapa pihak, nampak cam bermegah-megah tau tak? Student kena raise  duit sendiri untuk buat charity, best of all, kena gak pegi, kalau tak melepas la sijil sebab permata tak cukup, kahkahkah. Nampak tak di sini? Tak nampak? Kau baca ke tak title posting ni? Are students charity worker? Aku rumuskan camni la, kau ada satu syarikat yang besar dan maju. Satu hari, kau suruh staff bawahan pergi anjurkan makan malam amal kat hotel. Duitnya ko tak bagi, kau suruh pekerja kau kutip duit sendiri, and then bila event dah siap, memang kau puji staff kau, tapi kau cakap kat media betapa baiknya syarikat engkau, walhalnya yang buat event tu staff kau tanpa bantuan kewangan dari kau, tapi kena paksa pakai label syarikat kau, kalau tak, berhenti kerja la alamatnya. Tapi apa leh buat, kalau kau tak pernah berada di kedua-dua paksi extreme, memang kau tak nampak la argument yang cuba dibangkitkan di sini. Jawabnya angguk-angguk, geleng-geleng, cikgu berak berdiri, kita ikut sama. Bila mau maju da macam ni? Sampai bila student kena layan cam budak-budak. Kau ingat kau syarikat penerbangan tambang murah apa nak cas sembunyik-sembunyik? Takpe, yang penting kau kumpul duit, saving 200 sebulan so dapat pergi compulsory international visit (ni separuh reka, cuma bahagian hujung tu betul).


In the end, aku berbangga la, at least aku tau kat mana 3 jutawan kat negara ni lahir dari program orientasi yang hebat (sarcasm). Nasihat aku, nak jilat kasut, buat la kek kasut, bukan jilat but lama depan orang ramai, malu kot (takde kaitan, sesaje).

Full of those high quality frosting. Not included, poop.



Depression: They didn’t know anything

First person view


Do you have that kind of days, I mean, when you felt hopeless and fell in despair? Where your whole world sinks inside a deep dark void, where you couldn’t even let out a scream? An endless argument with yourself, conflicts after conflicts wrote itself like a rejected movie scripts. Your body and mind become fatigued, and your chest felt like that heartburn from eating too much chili peppers. Today I am going to share with you, the true terrors of depression.


I still remembered it as if it was yesterday. Around December of 2011, one simple day changed my life forever, just like a chemical reaction goes downhill in a graph. I was a first year student, taking biotech degree. I can still remember the feeling of the gentle breeze which caresses my cheek early in the morning, and a surreal feeling of looking outside the window, and watching the sky in vivid colors. I know I forgot about something. And the inevitable happened. I couldn’t get out of the bed, feeling tired all day long. For the next few weeks, I lost my motivation to do anything. Restless nights passes by, I couldn’t stop thinking about anything. Waking up everyday, I was sitting on the bed, paralyzed. My heart felt like it was burning and freezing simultaneously. Regret, guilt, self-loathing, cursing, screaming to my heart content, and listening to depressing songs. Eventually, I got over it, and the third semester felt like a breeze. But I never thought that it could happen again, or should I say, a relapse.

The fourth semester, July 2012, everything went smoothly. After the Eid festivity ended, class goes as usual. Like some kind of sick joke, it happened again in September of that year, and the fact that it was a rainy season only added misery to the days that goes by.It come, it goes, just like the rain; but the damages are permanent. Flesh wound turns into scars. Life went downhill afterwards. Sometimes I simply prayed that it would end quickly, and would never come again. Religion keeps me off the suicidal thoughts; but what I was looking for was not reassurance. Instead of looking for the solution, I ran away from my problems. Lies after lies slips out my lips. Days goes by with me thinking about the good old days. When did it start? How did it happened? If only I could turn back the time. No, this is not reality, I’m in some kind of alternate dimension right? Those questions filled my mind back then. Like digging the ground when it is flooding, you get suffocated with the water, instead of searching for higher grounds.

Do they understand? Can they help me? It was simple to reassure your friends when they’re in despair, asking them to get it over with, swallowing everything down. Yeah, it was as simple as saying something, cause they didn’t experience it themselves. Even calling several helplines, it didn’t help with anything. What you got is advice after advice. Same thing all over again. Worst, when you’re blamed for causing problems to other people. Did they ever tried to put themselves in my shoes? I shut off my phone, I avoid from talking to anyone. 70% of my days filled with sleeping. The rest is filled with feeding myself, taking a long shower, and cursing myself for the problems I caused to myself for the rest of the nights. What am I doing with my life? Leave me alone, I don’t wanna get fixed. I need a solution to my problems, I need to get out of the abyss of my thoughts.

Like every other people who fell in despair, I asked myself, how do I destroy this monster once and for all? And then it dawned on me, this is not as simple as fighting bosses inside video games. A slip up is not a game over, but you should know that the scars from the fall will always remain with you, unable to heal. In the end, I just wanted everyone to just shut the hell up, and might possibly say a swear word.


Fear and loathing…and anxiety (not) in Las Vegas

No, I am not talking about the band or the book…or the movie…but rather, something which got me caught up in a bit of predicament over the years…fear…specifically, anxiety. Did you think that anxiety is just having tremors, caught up in a fight or flight conflict inside your head…the moment you’re about to do something big? Wrong answer me amigo, for today we are going to delve into the world of anxiety.

Now that’s a broad spectrum of subcategories


As someone who have experienced severe anxiety over the years (which could be a jackpot for me, when the society embed a stigma on me for not having the ability to cope with reality, or would give me handful of advises to dissipate the problem…which is also why I never told anyone about it in the first place)…where are we again…oh, the feeling that you get when you messed up a little bit in your life, but somehow the problem keep piling up due to you being frozen in fear…lose all hope in living, filled with self-loath; thinking, where the hell did I screw up? When did all of this started? I’m doomed…nil, null, nihil, zero, sifr, nothing more of a useless pile of existence in this world.

Yeah, that’s just an example of how anxiety could cripple your frail little life. But in a society where mental disease goes unchecked, where mad people are let loose to control the economy, destroying the minds of young uns by the means of screwed up education system; where we were taught that without licking the shoes of a man with receding hairlines, we could not survive this rotten world? Yeah, I guess that makes people with anxiety in this country either a laughing stock for (supposed) making up of excuses in a form of mental disease, or maybe even an imbecile for being afraid of stepping on the bridge of life. See, there’s no public awareness campaign or dozens of other suggestion that we have to pen in when writing essays (because extra marks, that’s why).


Must have had too many skittles


People with anxiety never asked for it to happen to them. It’s like a curse…when something goes awry in the biological system of an individual, their minds started screwing around with their thoughts…over-thinking, confusion, the list could go on and on; and there’s quite a few of categories of anxiety disorder, not including the subcategories…aw man, that some serious manure down there.

Come on, Pavlovian era had long pass by, Freudian theory wasn’t relevant anymore (but I still believe in Jung’s dream analysis…well…quite skeptic…but…meh…). Shouldn’t people delve into the causes of anxiety disorder from the biological aspect…wait…they did. But still, it is still insufficient. Some drugs lead to another psychological disorder, even better (sarcasm) some of the drugs that works are placebos. So is it real, or there’s some underlying cause that we haven’t discovered yet? Who knows…guess I’ll be playing the same song for the umpteenth time while playing a hundred round of Klondike and Freecell over and over again. Life sucks, but meh…society would be like ‘procrastination’…just drink up the reality which is milk of magnesia, and defecate everything down the sewage.

Have a sip…heard from a friend that it helps in those pesky body odors…and acne

Early Morning Ranting

Yo, how’s it goin? It’s 2:35 AM GST +8 and I don’t have anything better to do. I was planning on doing some reviews on the latest pokemon XY release……but….under certain circumstances, and obstacles….I may not be able to buy it before the 26th of this month (and by that time there would be tons of reviews on the net).

So anyway, it seems like there’s someone who is always visiting my blog everyday. Good thing this domain is not on blogspot, or else I’d already look up their IP address. Thank you, whoever you are for visiting this…lonely…or should I say dying blog. I’ve stuffs to do now and then….and it seems like the quality of my poems/lyrics are going down the drain these days. I could never create the same level of stuff that can be compared to “Decay”. I guess my writing style is evolving more into novel type instead of poem/lyrics…..or it just show me that I’ve been slacking around lately and I’ve forgotten some of my vocabulary. But what raises more question in my head is that, my style of writing completely differs when I was writing something on wechat; on twitter; and on this blog (and during completing this sentence, I forgot the appropriate word that I should use, my advice, stop eating instant noodles; they corrupt your memory).

So what’re we going to do early up in the morning….hmm…..I already sucked at poem/lyric making……a new theory? Nah….too lazy to think deeply and switching into enigma mode…..eureka! We’ll talk about Kamen Rider.

Okay, so here we go. I hate the new Kamen Rider Gaim. That is all. Thank you for taking your time reading the review.

I was hoping that my energy would drop out right now….ah….I guess it’s another date with freecell….I wonder how many rounds would I last? No, please don’t ask me to play another hand of three cards klondikle!

D.F.J signing out, approx 2:52 GST +8

The idiot loses again

Bled and bled again,
o~ruptured heart,
it felt like ecstasy,
I enjoy it, yet at the same time,
a burning, stinging pain unlike anything I've ever felt,
why, there's nothing to be afraid of,
let's tear another hole into the heart,
isn't that what you've always wished for?

Love, dreams, happiness,
what else do I have to lose,
crushed, severed, bled, broken and lost,
I've cursed myself, the creator, fate, destiny, anything I could think of,
yet nothing changed,
still bleeding,
I accepted the truth like a sore loser,
and continued dreaming...

To dream or to accept reality,
accepting reality, and then?
To kill, or to curse?
Which is it? Slowly but painful?
Epic fairy tale? Something impossible to happen?
Even if I accept reality I'll continue dreaming,
it's easier to dream anyway, so I'll just continue sleeping.

Only the soul left intact,
inside the thorny little vessel,
when is the next game? Will it ever come?
This time, I'll bet my humanity,
agony, wrath, delusion, confusion,
to hell with that...I'll just continue sleeping,
wake me up when the nightmare comes,
I'd already thrown my humanity by then,
and so, the vicious cycle repeats,
a man in delusion,
an idiot in confusion,
loses again...

A tribute

What was the start of all this?
When did the cogs of fate begin to turn?
Perhaps it is impossible to grasp that answer now,
from deep within the flow of time…
But, for the certainty, back then,
we loved so many, yet hated so much,
we hurt others and were hurt ourselves… –Schala “kid” zeal, excerpt from Chrono Cross, PSX, November 18, 1999.

Do you believe in predestined future? Or is it all just a mere delusion, perhaps from my narcissistic side of mine. Believing that I’m destined to become something big, I began to develop a “holier than thou” attitude. But that is true only on a certain day, for I am a confused man. Asking the eternal question to myself every day I woke up from my dreams, “who am I?”. The question drives me insane, day after day; seeking for the answers, although knowingly that I will never find the answers… Perhaps maybe, I am already insane to begin with. Restless, I destroy my own life subconsciously. On the verge of destruction, I started asking another question; instead of “why this happens to me?”, I asked myself, “when did all of this started?” instead.

The rustling sound of rain one lonely night, kneeling on the prayers mat; I held my arms, praying to god, “O dear lord, who am I? For what reason do we live besides worshiping you every day until we die? Is this all just an illusion, then, what is reality? All knowing lord, what is the truth? I beg you, please grant your servant, your wisdom, your knowledge. O ye creator, show me the truth”. The moment I woke up the next day, unbeknownst to me, my wish is granted, but not without a price to pay. Alone in my room, I stared at the blank wall for hours. One question came up after another, some which I already know the answers to, some which I know shouldn’t even be thought of in the first place. Alas, my greed of knowledge, or should I say, the truth, slowly devours my soul.

I still remember those particular days, when I started devouring countless data, whether if they’re necessarily beneficial or not. But surely, time is cruel. From dusk till dawn, my eyes fixated unto the monitor screen, at least, this time I’m not necessarily stared into the oblivion for hours. Then, it dawned on me. My body started to rebel against me, pain creeping upon my brain, my body’s getting weaker by each day. Thoughts after thoughts, it just couldn’t stop. I started sleeping my way through the day. Didn’t I have enough sleep? When I was aware, I could account that sometimes I sleep more than fourteen hours a day. Sometimes, I just fall asleep without any explanation. I didn’t know that you can even get addicted to sleep. What’s worst you asked? Living in dreams after dreams, each takes more than a few days in real time. Exhaustion and fatigue sucked upon my life force bit by bit. I force myself to avoid from sleeping at some point. I failed.

Ah, but that didn’t even make any sense. I hate the feeling of mediocrity. So do we live just to eat, sleep, excrete, work enough money to support our family? And then what, we repeat the steps until we die? What’s the sense of accomplishment in that? Don’t you have any self-fulfillment? You just exist to repeat the same steps in your life, how boring, no, how stupid is that! Ironically, I also wanted to know how it is to be in other people’s shoes. How do their mind works? What are they thinking of? What is their interpretation of life? I wanted to know everything. There’s no such thing as knowing too much. Even if it’s bad for you, I still wanted to know everything. Eureka! So that’s why I am cursed…or is it a curse to begin with? Who knows…

I just wanted to know… is that a sin?

Law of attraction: A lame excuse to rip your money off

Buy my new book when it comes out. The new bestseller, “how to balance your paycheck”.

Peace be upon you fellow netizens. With the advent of books such as the secret; those money ripping multilevel marketing, or should I say, so called life coaches begin selling a new idea, the law of attraction. It worked, for some people that is. So a new trend started, with life coaches trying to tell you why the law of attraction doesn’t work for you, and what you should do to make it work. Ah, how clever these bastards are at manipulating people. You subscribed, or if you’re as stupid as to fall into their money ripping scheme; buying countless of self-help books which you left at the corner of your room, full of dust.

I take a Malay proverb, “when you desire something, a road opens up to you”. But seriously, does a road would suddenly came up out of nowhere? Well, according to the law of attraction; when you desire something, the universe works according to your wishes and started moving in such ways so that you can accomplish your goal. Yup, that’s rocket science right there. But with billions of humans on earth, I don’t think the universe could fulfill everyone’s wishes, without breaking the boundary between reality, and the limitless amount of human stupidity. No, the world doesn’t have any time to waste on something such as; giving you some sort of superpowers to stay up longer than 72 hours, just so that you could finally become a level 99 paladin in a game of MMO.

Or pay real money, go to sleep and wake up to find…a glitched character??

Maybe we should look at this in a different perspective. Instead of waiting for a road to miraculously appearing in front of you; you either bought or grab a shovel near you, take it to a patch of land (make sure it’s yours) and start paving the road on with your own strength and effort. It’s okay if you didn’t know how to make a road on your own, or didn’t have the resources to do so. You could start earning some money, or even pay someone else to pave it for you. What’s better you ask? Search the internet on how to pave a road, that’ll give you some sort of self-fulfillment.

You didn’t understand my analogy? My oh my, did I need to translate everything for you. Nope, I’m done. Okay, maybe a few hints…no, sorry, can’t do so. Figure it out on your own. Now if you excuse me,I’m going to sit in front of my laptop for another; say, twelve hours or so, you know, to level up my sorcerer to level 50 (that’s the level cap).

Instruction unclear, my junk stuck in the fan…

The extremum theory: Understanding the placebo effect

You must unlearn what you have learned- Yoda, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Good day to you ladies and gentleman. Today I would like to share with you my understanding of a new concept on placebo effects that I’ve just learned recently. Mind you that this is just a theory and not a discovery, as there’s no one out there to carry out an experiment based on my theory. I don’t force you to accept my theory, it’s up to you whether if you wanted to believe it or not. This is just a sudden enlightenment that I have that I hope could furthermore improve our understanding of the human mind.

First and foremost, what does placebo means? From freedictionary.com, ” The beneficial effect in a patient following a particular treatment that arises from the patient’s expectations concerning the treatment rather than from the treatment itself”. Huh, what does that even mean? Now let’s think about it from a different point of view. Imagine that you’re a child; a few minutes ago you’ve just scraped your knee after you hit the edge of the table. You can’t stop crying because of the pain; your mom came to you and started blowing on your wounds, adding some kind of special chants while doing so. Apparently, it worked. You no longer felt any pain, and the next time you ever scraped your knee again, your mom would’ve just repeat the same thing over again. Simple isn’t it?

Some of you might say something like, “Well, it did worked when I was 7; I’m 21 now and if I ever have cut or bruises, those magic chants won’t do anything”. Well, that’s why I wrote about this particular topic in the first place. Ever had one of those moments when you have a severe migraine and you started saying to yourself, “a bottle of aspirin would do the trick”. After taking a bottle, the migraine stopped. When you told your dad that aspirin can be good for relieving migraines; he quipped out “how I wish it could do the same to me. I usually just drink some pickle juice, works like a charm to me”. So, does that means pickle juice may have analgesic effects? Enlightened by your discovery, the next time you suffered from migraine; you started drinking some pickle juice, only to be disappointed that it didn’t worked. So now we started asking, “does it only works with an old man or something?”.

The answer is, yes, but only to a certain groups of people. Wait, does that mean that pickle juice chemicals only worked for a certain person in relieving pain? Maybe, but there’s a better explanation to that, which is the placebo effect. After understanding the analogies given above, let’s move on with the topic. Again, imagine yourself in high school (or equivalent). Today you’re learning algebra. After doing a few exercises on algebra, you easily answered every question that you came across. Over the next few years, whenever you came across it, you solve them within a few minutes. When you graduated from high school, you met an old friend. He’s currently studying literature in college. Whenever you met him, he always tell you how much he despised algebra; he also posted on facebook, saying things like, “it’s not like we’re using it in our daily life”. It’s never been a problem to you, so you started asking about his problem with algebra. It turns out that he was never good at algebra since high school. Fast forward 20 years into the future, you met up with him again. But you’re surprised that he is now a professor who teach calculus in MIT. He told you that he become obsessed with mathematics when helping his niece with some algebra homework a few years ago, and was surprised on how easy it was compared when he was studying it in high school.

I hope you understand a bit of my point in the previous analogies. So here’s my explanation:

A. Sometimes, when doing something new; you succeeded with the task given, and the next time you ever done the same thing again, you succeeded easily or even better at the task.

B. Sometimes, when doing something new; you failed miserably, and the next time you ever done it, you always failed at doing the task.

C. Same as B, but after a long time; you have already forgotten about it, but the next time you did the same task, you find that it is easier compared to your past attempts doing the same task.

You might say that A have a natural talent or that C might be thinking in a different kind of way; compared to when he was younger. There might be some truth in that. You see, when we succeeded at a task for the first time, our mindset changes and we felt that the task was easy and you could perform even better the next time. But, if you failed at the task firsthand, no matter how many times we did the task, we would only failed miserably. This is true until you forget about it at some part in your life, and the moment you did the same task again; your brain thinks that we never did the task before, and you perform better than when you did the task before. So my advice to you, if you’re bad at something, stop saying to yourself “if first you didn’t succeed, try and try again” or the equivalent. Stop focusing on that task and concentrate on doing something else.

Now I would like to explain about the extremum effect. Chances are, you’ve already heard of stories on how a man survived after falling from the 30th floor of an apartment, survived a devastating earthquake unscathed, etc? How about a neighbor which suddenly kills a man in a fight even though that he was known as a man who would never do such a thing? Here’s when the extremum effect applies. During a certain event, say, a life or death situation, or maybe an extremely stressful situation; our brain shuts off the limiting mindset that we have, for example, you always think that you could never survive a jump from the 30th floor, only to woke up a few hours later with only minor injuries. Extremum means the point located farthest from the middle of something or, the most extreme possible amount or value. Looking back at the last paragraph, it turns out that time may also have a connection with the extremum effect. As of how our mindset affect our body in a way that you could survive the impact from falling from extreme heights, or how you’re getting better at doing something after a few years is still a mystery.

In the end, I apologized if you didn’t understand any of my writings, and I hope that I could present it to you in the simplest form as possible. If you have any question or would like to criticize me; please do so in the comments section below in a polite way. Last but not least, let’s imagine what we could achieve by manipulating our mindset at will. See you in the next article. Peace be upon you.

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